Temporary Non Immigrant Visas

Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas

Hire expertise for the short and medium term

There are many cases where a temporary non immigrant visa is the best path for an employer to bring in the right talent. These include cases where you may want to:

  • Move an executive to the US for a brief period
  • Relocate an executive or employee to the the US for a few years
  • Hire a foreign professional, trainee or any other worker to help achieve business objectives

We have years of experience navigating the “alphabet soup” of visa options on your behalf, so you can focus on hiring the right people.

Karyn has extensive experience navigating the labyrinth of the visa “alphabet soup” in order to help clients maintain legal status while their Green Card is pending. Types of temporary non immigrant visas may include:

  • O
  • H-1B
  • L-1
  • H-3
  • E
  • and more

Temporary non immigrant visas can make sense for all kinds of employers including companies of all sizes, nonprofit foundations, Institutions of Higher Education, private schools, synagogues and other such institutions.