Immigration Law for Academia

Immigration Law for Academia

Hire the faculty you need

Major academic institutions around New York choose Karyn Schiller for immigration law matters so they can hire the faculty they need. Her stellar reputation for professionalism and results have made her the go-to choice of General Counsel at multiple colleges and universities in New York State.

Karyn has successfully helped numerous Institutions of Higher Education hire outstanding faculty even in complicated cases where prior outside counsel has failed to secure a positive result. Known among peers as a “lawyer’s lawyer,” Karyn is a creative perfectionist who refuses to leave any stone unturned.

Thanks to her 100% success record with the numerous EB-1 petitions she has filed on behalf of faculty, Karyn she has become the go-to choice among General Counsel at several large CUNY colleges.

A 100% success record in filing EB-1 petitions for faculty.

Karyn handles all immigration-related matters that affect academia, including:

  • O-1 petitions
  • H-1B non-immigrant petitions
  • PERMs
  • I-140 Petitions
  • Adjustment of Status

After more that a decade assisting state academic institutions that are subject to Collective Bargaining Agreements, Karyn is also highly experienced at navigating the impact of union rules n immigration matters.

Never miss a critical deadline

Immigration law for academic faculty can be full of traps and roadblocks. Worse, once a deadline or requirement is missed, it’s exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to go back and do things over. Karyn’s succeeds where others fail by having the deep expertise and tenacious follow through required to avoid those pitfalls in the first place.

In addition to an encyclopedic knowledge of the most current immigration law, Karyn’s reputation for meticulous research and relentless follow through means that faculty, once hired, will also be able to stay as long as needed. Exceptional services include:

  • Tracking all expiration dates for faculty members on non-immigrant visas
  • Ensuring that applications for extensions are timely filed
  • Tracking the timelines for Green Card purposes
  • Proactively advising clients of relevant changes to the rules in real time, so affected departments can adjust hiring schedules accordingly