Praying for immigration amnesty

Is an Immigration Amnesty on the Horizon?

Today’s New York Times is reporting that President Obama plans to introduce legislation offering comprehensive immigration reform as early as this March! Of course we cannot know if such legislation will survive its torturous way through the House and Senate.  However, one thing is clear.  Whether comprehensive or not, immigration reform is coming.  Soon.  So now would be a good time to begin gathering all of the documentary evidence you will need.  If past programs provide any guidance, it is that you will need to provide USCIS with as much documentary evidence of your presence in the country since your arrival.  So what does that mean – look for your tax returns going back as far as you filed them (and if you don’t have them, call the toll-free number on the IRS.gov website to order your tax transcripts); utility bills, phone bills, old leases, school records and medical records are just some of the proof that might help you over the finish line.  And for more information, call immigration attorney Karyn Schiller at (914) 358-1400 or Click here to make an appointment.

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