Immigration Reform is Coming

I can feel it in the air.  Immigration reform is coming.  Watching the politicians and talking heads on TV shows clearly that both the Democrats and Republicans, for different reasons, each have an incentive to back legislation that will address the questions of the millions of undocumented immigrants in the US.  The Republicans learned during this past Presidential election that if they do not do something to win over the growing Hispanic community, within about 20 years they will be a defunct party of mostly whites, drifting without any anchor to the new demographic reality in the US. And the Democrats, even those who did not support immigration reform the last time around (and yes, not all Democrats voted “yes”), realize that they owe the Hispanic coalition big-time for its help with President Obama’s re-election.  And for the purpose of upcoming Congressional elections they too have the incentive to keep on the good side of this constituency.

So what does this all mean for you?

Right now, you should be getting your house in order and preparing for the time when you will have the opportunity to apply for legal status in the US.  Regardless of how broad the coming legislation will be, whether it will cover only students or older undocumented aliens as well, we can be certain of one thing…. you will have to PROVE with convincing evidence, that you were in fact in the country on the (as yet undetermined) specified date, that you have paid your taxes and can pass a basic English test.

Attorney Karyn Schiller has assisted countless numbers of immigrants just like you.  She has guided them on which evidence is favored by USCIS and on how to put together a package that is clear and convincing.  After all, nobody (especially clerks at USCIS) wants to have to page through dozens of documents that are unclear and don’t explain why they support the application to which they are attached.  When an application leaves this office, it is put together in a way that makes it as easy as possible for the immigration officer reviewing the case to stamp “APPROVED.”  Nothing is filed until attorney Schiller is  sure that everything that is required is included and explained.  And if you  cannot find a document that is required, Karyn Schiller will explain away its absence in the most convincing way possible.

So get ahead of the game and take care of your legal future in the US.  Call immigration attorney Karyn Schiller today at (914) 358-1400 or Click here to make an appointment

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