Asylum for Egyptian Copts

US Asylum law is notoriously unforgiving and the maze of technical requirements all too often result in otherwise-deserving applicants being denied asylum.  One such requirement is that applicants file their application within one year of arriving in the US.  Failure to timely file an application is a bar to  asylum.  This time-bar can, however, be overcome.  For example, where an applicant can show a “change in country conditions” that materially affect his or her entitlement to asylum, the one-year time bar will be waived.   In the case of Egyptian Christians I would argue that this criteria is currently present.  Always a barely-tolerated minority, Egyptian Copts were never treated equally under the regime of former President Mubarak.  For example, Moslem schools received Government funding and Christian schools did not and it was all but impossible to secure a permit to build a new Church or even to renovate an existing one.  And these were just some of the daily indignities faced by Christians.

Since the Revolution that resulted in Mubarak’s ouster, however, there has been a three-fold increase in the number of attacks on Christians.  Just a couple of days ago the world witnessed the military firing on a peaceful protest by Christians, using military vehicles to mow down civilians and acting with brutality that would have done any middle-eastern dictator proud.  This unprovoked attack resulted in the deaths of at least 25 civilians.  And this was just the latest in a relentless series of attacks on Christians while the military which is currently in control of the country looks the other way.

This is clearly a dangerous time for Egyptian Copts and in the face of these facts, it would seem that asylum claims by such individuals should be viewed in a different light than previously.  Of course any case will always turn on its own facts.  Merely being Christian and Egyptian should, but may not be enough to win an asylum claim.  However, a skilled attorney who is capable of forceful advocacy on his or her clients’ behalf should have little difficulty in putting together a persuasive package.  So if you are a Christian Egyptian who has been in the United States for more than a year, or even if you have just arrived, Click here to email me or call my office today at (914) 358-1400 to discuss whether you may qualify for asylum in the United States.


  1. hello
    I’m living in Egypt and I’m Coptic, i need to get out of Egypt as soon as possible, i just want to know what should i do to go to America as a refugee, I’m so happy because you know everything happening for as and how the Christian Coptic suffering so much from the Egyptian Muslims.
    please tell me how can you help me.
    I’m 26 years old
    living in Cairo

    1. Amir, asylum is a complicated process and each case turns on its own facts. If you are in the US by now or are thinking of coming here, please contact me at for more detailed information.

  2. hello i am egyptian coptic orthodox and i am 28 years old and i am married and i have a child, same as my brother he is married and he is 33 years old and hes got two kids and also i have got my old mum and dad we need to get out of here as soon as possible as we cant even walk on the streets normally also i have tried to enter to the UK but i got refused so please please please please can u get us out of here and out of the danger and threats. THANK YOU

    1. I am sorry to hear of your situation and would be glad to assist you. However, you first need to get to the USA. Only once you are here can I help you apply for political asylum.

  3. I am a 28 year old egyptian coptic christian i am asking you to please get me out of this country with my wife and son as every time we go outside the flat we are under alot of pressure from the muslim and we have been mugged ,spat at and it feels that we cant even go out so please please can you help

  4. i have a green card and i am asylee my brother back home and the people that did for me problem go for my brother and i tried to let him get b1 visa but he got refuse for twice cause he said that i am here i believe can i do asylum case under his name when he is there

    1. That is a difficult situation, because clearly the Consul is convinced that your brother intends to apply for asylum as soon as he gets here. Although I do not have the direct answer to your problem, in general you should always bear in mind that when going to the Consul for a B-1/B-2 visa interview, the Consul is looking for as much evidence as possible of strong ties to the community at home. Ties that will convince it that are strong enough to bring you back home. Such evidence can include ownership of a home, a long-standing job, other family members that rely upon you, ownership of a business etc.

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