Time is Running Out for Some Religious Workers

On February 4, 2009 USCIS announced a March 6, 2009 deadline for (non-minister) Religious Workers with an approved I-360 to adjust their status.  In other words, to all those Day School, Hebrew School and Sunday School teachers who are in possession of an approved I-360 –  you need to have filed your I-485 Applications to Adjust your Status … yesterday!  USCIS has announced that it will speed up the processing of these applications in view of the approaching deadline. However, anyone who has not already filed their applications is in serious danger of missing the deadline.  And unless the deadline is extended at the last minute, this could well mean that all of your time, money and effort until now to obtain a Green Card as a Religious Worker will have been for nothing.  My advice – if you haven’t filed yet, call us IMMEDIATELY.

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