Wondering how to find a top-notch immigration attorney?

Here’s an insider’s guide to making the right choice:

Choosing the right immigration attorney is a serious decision. Whether you are looking to bring a valuable employee on board, or to keep a family intact, having the right attorney on your team can make all the difference in whether you get that critically-needed visa or Green Card. Make the wrong choice, and you may very well never get a second chance.

If you…

  • Represent an academic institution that hires non-American faculty
  • Run or manage a business that needs to hire or retain help from overseas
  • Are an individual who needs help with immigration for family or yourself

…here are some fundamental points to consider when choosing an attorney.
Five Critical Questions to Ask When Choosing an Immigration Attorney (click here to read article)

Need an Answer to a Quick Question?

A lawyer who gives away time for free? Yes.

Why would I do that? Simple, because I respect YOUR time too, and I understand how annoying it is to set up, pay for and spend two hours in a consultation only to decide it’s a bad fit.

This way, you have a risk-free opportunity to get to know me. Plus, to be perfectly honest, pretty much EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has been wise enough to take me up on this offer ends up working with me — and continuing to work with me again and again and AGAIN.

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The Dream Act will become a Reality by Mid-August.  Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

On June 15, 2012  President Obama announced that certain individuals who were brought to this country before age 16 might qualify for a 2- year work permit (and thereby a Social Security Number as well).  But the devil is in the details.  Do NOT be taken advantage of by Notarios and others who say they can help you with this process.  Contact an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process and protect your interests.

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